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  • Application - German-Chinese Double Degree (B.Sc.)

    Study place allocation

    The college places for the first semester in the bachelor's course in international business administration will be assigned in an independent selection procedure at the WFI. The basis for choosing the applicants is formed by the average score of their performed final secondary-school examinations or the finished education segments (every half year) of the secondary-school grade.

    The selection is carried out by a ranking, which is formed by the average score (marks) and social engagement. Performances in subjects like mathematics and German as well as a language (English, Spanish or French) are weighted twice. Because social engagement takes a special value at the WFI, these performances are particularly weighted in the ranking.

    In addition to this, discussions for selection take place, to which a maximum 20 applicants of the. In case of an invitation you’re going to have a conversation for 30-45 minutes with a selection committee, consisting of a professor, a scientific employee and a student of international business administration. The personal discussion serves as ascertainment of general knowledge for economic, political and social connections as well as motivation for the course of studies. Moreover, the ability of comprehending and structuring with problems, the ability of argumentation and criticism, as well as the personal appearance are valued.

    Composed by the evaluation of the selection committee and the grade of the university access authorisation a final score is formed with a weighting of 2:1 (based on the 15-points system). On a basis of this final score a ranking order of all applicants is compiled, after which the most qualified fifteen applicants are admitted. The qualification to study at a Chinese University has special criteria (see structure & content). The application takes place at the third semester.

    Applicants who are not admitted to the German-Chinese Double Degree have the possiblity to apply to the application process for BA (B.Sc.). In this case, please send an informal request to wfi-studierendenbuero(at)

    Application Documents

    Your application for the German-Chinese Double Degree (B.Sc.) takes place via our online application portal.

    International Applicants without German highschool diploma find all information on this page.

    While logged in to the application portal you can save your application process and upload or alter your details gradually.

    The completed and submitted online application meets the requirements for your application for admission – you do not have to send any documents by mail.

    You have to provide at the latest at your enrollment officially certified copies of your certificates or the original documents to verify the data given in your online application. If you have provided wrong information or if you do not have the required qualifications, admission will be refused.

    Selection Interview

    The selection interviews are a mandatory part of the application process. At the same time they offer prospective students the possibility to experience the faculty and our excellent study conditions yourself and have the possibility to meet students of the WFI and speak to professors and lecturers.


    For first semester students the bachelor’s course in Business Administration starts only in the winter term.

    Deadline for Bachelor in Int. Business Administration (B.Sc.):July 15, 2020
    Selection interview for the beginning of study in winter term 2020/21: tba