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  • Philosophy

    The People’s Republic of China has an increasingly important role in the global world. As a rising economic power China is of great importance to the whole world. Therefore an established international study program is essential to participate in economic processes of all continents. The double degree bachelor of international business administration an ideal preparation in the business and cultural-linguistic area due to an intensive basic study at the WFI and a deepening study at the Chinese partner university.

    Within the German-Chinese double degree bachelor, students of Germany and China are able to study three or four semesters at the respective partner university and have furthermore the opportunity to obtain their final university degrees in both countries.

    The study program refers to interested, motivated beginners that are good at languages. The students, which are chosen by an internal application process are awarded, if they complete their studies successfully, the academic degree “Bachelor of Science” at the WFI as well as the academic degree “Bachelor of Management” at one of the partner universities.

    Thereby the WFI provides a comprehensive bachelor program, which is scientifically based and further integrates practical and intercultural aspects into the education. In this way an optimal preparation for a successful career respectively a following master program is given.



    However, the studies at the WFI should not be restricted to learning. Most students are involved in various student organisations and thereby develop their soft skills with a lasting effect.

    Student Organisations at WFI

    Practical relevance

    A study at the WFI offers numerous opportunities to transfer theoretic knowledge into practice. The cooperation with leading companies from different business sectors provides our students best perspectives concerning internships and starting positions in Germany and abroad. Moreover, the faculties’ own career fair “Company Day” or recruiting events as well as company presentations and workshops offer the perfect chance to network.

    Partner Companies at WFI


    Students of international business administration get the unique opportunity to study not only one semester but up to three or four semesters at a partner university (Sun Yat-sen University or Tongji University). In this context they have the chance to upgrade their education regarding intercultural and linguistic aspects. Therefore they create excellent conditions for an entry in international management.

    Partner Universities Sun Yat-Sen University and Tongji University