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  • What to expect?

    The Bachelor’s program in International Business Administration at WFI is a unique possibility for students to acquire a double degree and study for one to two years at one of the Chinese top universities Sun Yat-Sen University or Tongji University.

    If you aim to work in an international environment, which is increasingly influenced by China’s economic power, the German-Chinese double degree program is the right choice for you. After your graduation you will be a sought-after expert for China and can put your knowledge into practice.

    Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou

    Sun Yat-Sen University is one of the ten most renowned universities in China. SYSU has 83,000 students at four locations in total, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and has a strong international orientation. Each year ten WFI students have the possibility to study at SYSU. Apart from Bejing and Shanghai, Guangzhou is one of the most modern cities in China.

    Tongji University in Shanghai

    Tongji University is one of the most prestigious universities in China and is publicly sponsored as an elite university. Around 55,000 students study at Tongji. Each year around five WFI students get the chance to study abroad at Tongji University. Shanghai is both a global city and China’s most modern city, and is still a major point of attraction for foreign investment and employees.

    Within the German-Chinese double degree students not only gain sound knowledge of business administration, but also acquire an extensive knowledge about the Chinese language and culture through an intensive language training in Chinese. By studying three or four semesters abroad at one of the Chinese partner universities, students develop their intercultural competence and gain substantial practical experience in China.

    WFI provides excellent study conditions through a student-lecturer ratio of 11:1 and has been among the top German business schools for years now.