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Doctoral programs at the Ingolstadt School of Management

You are interested in pursuing doctoral studies at the Ingolstadt School of Management of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU)?

You are highly motivated and hold an above-average degree (Master’s degree or Diplom) in business and economics?

And you would like to:

·    Carry out scientific work?


·    Explore an exciting topic in the field of business and economics?

·    Acquire the necessary methodological knowledge?

·    Benefit from the knowledge and experience of several researchers rather than just from your doctoral supervisor?

·    Present your research results at international conferences?

·    Publish your research results in leading scientific and international journals?

In this case, our faculty is the place to be! All doctoral candidates at our faculty not only draft an individual doctoral thesis but also benefit from our structured doctoral degree program. It comprises 20 ECTS and you are free to choose from a large pool of modules to select those you really need for your work. Upon completion of your doctoral studies, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation in the degree program.  

However, you also have the option to pursue the “traditional” way of a doctoral program, which means that you will not have to complete the doctoral studies. In this case, the oral doctoral examination will not be carried out as a thesis defense but as a comprehensive oral examination (Rigorosum) in which you will be tested in three subjects.

For more detailed information on these two doctoral program types, please refer to the doctoral regulations and FAQs 

For more detailed information on doctoral degree programs in general and an overview of the program structure, please visit study options