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  • FAQ

    Do I have to participate in the doctoral degree program?

    No. Participation is voluntary. However, you will have to take the comprehensive oral examination (Rigorosum) if you do not complete the doctoral degree program in full.

    What advantage does the doctoral degree program offer for me?

    You can choose from a pool of different modules which will support you in your academic work (methodological modules), the development of your personality (modules on core skills) and the presentation of your research results (conference module). Furthermore, the doctoral degree certificate is an additional document certifying your successful completion of the doctoral studies and listing the courses taken.

    Do I also have the possibility to attend individual modules of the doctoral studies instead of completing the entire degree program?

    You can also take individual modules. In this case, however, you will not receive a certificate confirming successful completion of the entire degree program, and you will have to complete the comprehensive oral examination (Rigorosum).

    Wann muss ich eine Disputation ablegen, wann ein Rigorosum?

    Wenn Sie das komplette Doktorandenstudium absolvieren, erfolgt die mündliche Prüfung in Form einer Disputation. Wenn Sie nicht das komplette Doktorandenstudium absolvieren, erfolgt die mündliche Prüfung in Form eines Rigorosums.

    When do I have to decide if I want to complete the entire doctoral program?

    You will not have to decide straight away upon acceptance as a doctoral candidate (Section 4 of the doctoral regulations). After having been accepted, you will choose the desired modules. You will only have to provide proof of participation in those modules when submitting the application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure (Section 5 of the doctoral regulations).

    How can I prove that I have participated in the doctoral degree program?

    Lecturers distribute completion certificates which you can collect and submit together with your application for admission to the doctoral examination procedure.

    Can I have modules accredited which I have taken before the start of my doctoral program?

    This is possible if these modules are suitable for doctoral candidates (e.g. no Master’s degree courses) and if they were taken AFTER completion of the preceding Master’s degree program and provided that there is a certain temporal proximity to your doctoral studies. Please use our forms "Nachweis Modul" (module certificate) and/or "Nachweis Konferenz" (conference certificate) for all modules. The forms are available in the downloads section of the doctoral program. Please note that you will need to obtain the lecturer’s signature for the form "Nachweis Module" (module certificate) subsequently. For the form "Nachweis Module" , the signature of your first doctoral degree supervisor will suffice.