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Our research interests

Detailed information on all of our research projects and publications is available in German in KU.fordoc and KU.edoc.

Information on our DFG project Individuals Matter is available here.

Professor Dr. Klaus Brummer

  • Foreign policy analysis
  • Comparative foreign policy analysis
  • German foreign, security, and defense policy
  • European integration (European Union, Council of Europe)
  • Theories of International Relations
  • International organizations
  • Peace and conflict research


Stephan Fouquet, MA

  • Foreign policy analysis (esp. decision-making processes)
  • Comparative foreign policy analysis (esp. South America and Southern Europe)
  • Comparative populism research (esp. populist governments)

Andreas N. Ludwig, MA

  • Foreign, European, and security policy of selected countries (Austria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom)
  • Relations research (in particular German-British relations)
  • Theories of International Relations (in particular complexity thinking in IR)
  • European integration
  • International Relations / International History

Current projects:

  • Doctoral thesis project: Complexifying Relations Research. British-German Relations in a Complexity Theory Perspective
  • Interdisciplinary research and teaching project: Memory Matters!? Collective Memory and Foreign Policy (with Dr. Caroline Rothauge, Modern and Contemporary History, KU)