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 Bachelor Sociology

International Bachelor Sociology
Interdisciplinary Bachelor: Major Sociology

Master Sociology

 Interdisciplinary Master: Major Sociology

Master Sociology - Focus "Methods of Empirical Social Research"

Politics and Society
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of Sociology and Political Science

Degree Courses

One key feature of Sociology at the KU Eichstätt is its strong international profile. It has an International Bachelor and international Master programme, which requires students to go abroad for at least two semesters and one semester respectively. Apart from that, Sociology participates in the international summer school of the KU as well as in the international graduate college, Philosophy of Place.

Modules in English

Below is a list of modules that can be offered in English. Every module is composed of either one course (5 ECTS) or a combination of several courses (for 10 ECTS in total, each course being 5 ECTS; 1 ECTS = 30 hours of workload).

The modules presented below are all in their 10 ECTS form, but are also available for 5 ECTS.


Political Sociology and Cultural Sociology (winter)

Sociology of Media and Culture

Key Aspects Sociological Theory (winter)

Advanced Sociological Theory (summer)
Advanced Qualitative Methods (summer)
Advanced Process-Oriented Sociology (summer)

Advanced Cultural and Media Studies (winter)

Thematic areas of specialization of Sociology in Eichstätt are:

  • Theory, Media, Religion, Science, Technology, Politics, Art (Sociology I, Sociological Theory)
  • Research Methods, Deviance, Education, Social Structure (Sociology II, Empirical Sociology)
  • Ethnography, Environment, Gender, the Body, Visual Culture, Organizations (Sociology III, Process-oriented Sociology; currently “in Vertretung”)
  • A common thematic area for all three areas is “the Common Good”, which is also the theme of the contribution of sociology to the Summer School.

Find informations referring to requirements, application and enrollment at the KU here.