Dr. Jochen Kleinschmidt

Jochen Kleinschmidt
Dr. Jochen Kleinschmidt
Research Associate
Room: 104
Postal Address
Katholische Universität Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
Zentralinstitut für Lateinamerikastudien (ZILAS), Domplatz 8
85072 Eichstätt
Coordination of the Institute
Office hours
by arrangement


  • Since January 2021: Research Associate and Coordinator of the Center for Latin American Studies (ZILAS) at Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany
  • September 2019 to December 2020: Associate Professor at the Faculty of International, Political and Urban Studies of Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia
  • July 2016 to September 2019: Assistant Professor at the Faculty of International, Political and Urban Studies of Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia
  • July 2014 to July 2016: Assistant Professor for International Relations at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín, Colombia
  • January to July 2014: Lecturer for International Relations at Universidad EAFIT in Medellín, Colombia
  • January 2014: Awarded doctorate at Faculty 15 (Social Sciences) of LMU Munich, grade: summa cum laude. Title of the dissertation: "Functions and Consequences of Political Boundaries in World Society"
  • January 2009 to April 2012: Adjunct Lecturer at the Chair of Political Theory, University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich, Germany
  • June to August 2008: Visiting Fellow at NATO School, Oberammergau, Germany
  • July 2006: Diplom (MA equivalent) in Political Science at the Munich School of Politics, major in: International Politics and Modern History

Research focus

Conflict studies - asymmetric conflicts, military technology, organised crime in Latin America, terrorism and political violence;

Political geography - comparative regionalism, regionalism in Latin America, spatial concepts in International Relations, North-South relations; 

International relations theories - world society theory, differentiation theory, posthumanism, development and inequality.




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  • Open Access
    Volltext file
    Kleinschmidt, Jochen:
    Back to the Backyard? Recent International Relations Scholarship on Extra-Hemispheric Actors‘ Involvement in Latin America.
    (Rezension von: Amitav, Acharya ; Deciancio, Melisa ; Tussie, Diana (Hrsg.): Latin America in Global International Relations. New York, 2022. - Arnson, Cynthia J. (Hrsg.): Venezuela’s Authoritarian Allies : The Ties That Bind?. Washington DC, 2021. - Baisotti, Pablo A. (Hrsg.): A New Struggle for Independence in Modern Latin America. New York, 2021. - Gardini, Gian Luca (Hrsg.):External Powers in Latin America : Geopolitics between Neo-extractivism and South-South Cooperation. New York, 2021)
    In: Iberoamericana. 22 (20. Juli 2022) 80. - S. 245-259.
    ISSN 1577-3388

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