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Learning Agreement

Your Learning Agreement is a contract between you, the KU and your home university. It has to be completed PRIOR TO your exchange period. 

The KU's course catalog is called KU Campus and can be accessed using the link below. Here, students of Campus Ingolstadt (Business Administration) will find overviews of the English-taught course offer. 

The course catalog is finalized only a few weeks prior to the start of the semester (for the winter semester in August/at the beginning of September and for the summer semester in February/at the beginning of March). If you need to complete your Learning Agreement before then, please use the catalog from the previous year and modify your learning agreement after your arrival in Eichstätt/Ingolstadt. 

Here's how to complete your learning agreement:  

  1. Choose the courses you would like to take using KU Campus
  2. Have your home university check and sign your Learning Agreement
  3. Upload your Learning Agreement to Mobility-Online
  4. At the KU, your Learning Agreement will be checked and signed by the responsible Erasmus+ departmental coordinator
  5. The International Office will send back your Learning Agreement to you (by e-mail) 

Here's how to modify your learning agreement after your arrival In Eichstätt/Ingolstadt: 

In Eichstätt: 

  1. Go through your changes with your Erasmus+ departmental coordinator at the KU 
  2. Have your coordinator sign your modified learning agreement 
  3. Submit it to the International Office 

In Ingolstadt: 

  1. Complete a new Learning Agreement, entering your final course selection, or edit the part "During the Mobility"
  2. Send your new or edited Learning Agreement to the International Office or submit it to the office in person during the office hours
  3. The International Office will have your Learning Agreement signed and send it back to you by e-mail