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Working in Germany

You may work up to 120 whole or 240 half days per legal year while studying. Working hours as a student assistant ('Hiwi') are exempt from this rule, because they support academia. This means you can work as a 'Hiwi' in addition to the 120 whole days. 

Where can I find jobs? 

  • It is often possible to find a job as a 'Hiwi' through personal contacts to professors and university facilities (e.g. the University Library, Language Center, or Computer Center). Information on current job vacancies can also be found on the webpage of each professorship. The better a professor or facility knows you and the better their impression of you is, the higher the chance they will ask you to work for them. Sometimes, you will also find 'Hiwi' job postings on the notice boards. 

  • You can look for jobs outside the University online or by checking the notice boards regularly. You can also ask fellow students and buddies about their experiences and for advice. 

  • You can also ask in restaurants if they need temporary staff for the kitchen or service. If you speak German, you can also ask, for example, in clothes shops, which often have vacancies for temporary staff.

When searching for a job online, search for 'MiniJob' or 'Aushilfe'. Unfortunately, most websites are only available in German. Here are a few links that might help you: