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Erasmus Student Network on the Ingolstadt campus

Welcome to ESN Ingolstadt! 

What are the tasks of ESN Ingolstadt?

ESN Ingolstadt's welcome team wants to ensure that international students at the Ingolstadt School of Management have a pleasant stay by offering them support to help them settle in here in Germany. In addition to our international students' reception in Ingolstadt, which is linked to some formalities, and an introduction to the city and the University's facilities, regular contact is very important to us. Get-togethers and excursions are an essential part of our support program.


We want our international students to be as enthusiastic about their time in Ingolstadt as our outgoing students about their time abroad. 

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Who can take part?

ESN Ingolstadt is organized by students of the Ingolstadt School of Management. Anybody who is interested in getting in touch with and enjoys being of assistance to international students can join. For our excursions and other activities, we are always looking for enthusiastic and committed students. If you are interested in joining us, simply send us an e-mail or drop by one of our get-togethers. 

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 For more information, visit our website.