Academic recognition at Campus Ingolstadt

This recognition procedure applies exclusively at the WFI (Campus Ingolstadt).  Students at Campus Eichstätt will find the respective information on the recognition procedure here.

Recognition process at WFI

Recognition of academic credits gained abroad - general information

Before studying abroad or after acceptance at the host university, you should clarify which modules you can transfer. This applies to semesters abroad through a KU cooperation as well as to free movers and short-term stays (e.g. summer or winter schools).

Possible types of recognition are: Substitute for a WFI module / additional course in the cumpolsory elective area / additional course in the elective area.

Note: As a rule, recognition in the elective area is much easier. It is therefore recommended to take the elective modules abroad as far as possible.

You will find a helpfulchecklist on recognition here.

Recognition of academic credits gained abroad - step 1: Teilstudienverträge

For each module that you want to transfer, you have to submit a separate Teilstudienvertrag (partial study contract) as well as a detailed module description (with content, ECTS/credits, course duration, attendance time, preparation and follow-up work, examination modalities, literature references). Please also send the International Office an overview of your Teilstudienverträge .

The IO will check your documents and forward them to the relevant chairs. Please make sure that the documents are filled out correctly and completely, otherwise the recognition process will be delayed. The checklist and instructions will help you avoid this.

After your Teilstudienverträge have been reviewed, you will be notified. You will then conclude up the Learning Agreement which is the decisive and binding regulation for the credit transfer!

Due to the large number of Teilstudienverträge that many WFI chairs have to process, you should plan enough lead time to avoid being pressed for time. This is especially true for the Erasmus+ program.

- Checklist on recognition

- Anleitung Teilstudienvertrag

- Formular Teilstudienvertrag

- Übersicht der Teilstudienverträge

Recognition of academic credits gained abroad - step 2: Learning Agreements

Summer or Winter Schools

If you participate in a Summer or Winter School, you may be able to have the respective credits recognized for your studies. To do so, please clarify the recognition early (i.e. before departure!) by means of Teilstudienverträge and then draw up a learning agreement. After your return, you should then submit an application for recognition.

Recognition of academic credits gained abroad - step 3: Requesting recognition

The official application for recognition takes place after the completion of the module. You can therefore decide whether and for which of the modules for which you have concluded Teilstudienverträge and a learning agreement you would like to submit for recognition.

Instructions for requesting recognition

Erasmus+: Document for requesting recognition

Worldwide/Faculty-own/Free Movers: Document for requesting recognition

Summer & Winter Schools: Document for requesting recognition


Recognition of modules of the Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern (VHB)

VHB modules must also go through the recognition process, according to the WFI Board of Examiners. The recognition of VHB modules currently runs through the International Office. A partial study contract must be concluded (see step 1 above) and, if necessary, an overview of the partial study contracts must be sent to the International Office if several VHB modules are to be recognized.

Please make sure to submit the complete VHB module description. To do so, please click on the "alles anzeigen" [show everything] section at the top of the page for the relevant module and print this page or save it as a PDF.

Recognition of the module Culture and Society

Bachelor students can have modules from abroad (see steps 1 and 2) or from the KU offer recognized for the Culture and Society module. In the case of a KU module, it is sufficient to conclude a Teilstudienvertrag.

This document (section I) includes a list of possible topics.

Grade conversion

This grade conversion provides assistance in converting grades earned abroad. Further information is available on the website of the examination office: Grade Converter KU.


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