Erasmus+ application process for students at the Eichstätt campus


Please read the information in the Mobility Online portal regarding the offer of possible host universities and attend information events held at your faculty on the Erasmus+ study-abroad programs.

Note on autonomously contacting partner universities: Seeking direct contact with partner universities regarding student exchange programs even before you have been recommended to a partner university by the responsible offices at the KU and you have received the "green light" for direct contact means an unnecessary amount of work for the partner universities and has repeatedly caused irritation in the past. Therefore, please refrain from this type of contact. Students who do not follow this rule may be excluded from the selection process.

Beginning of December to mid-January

Online application

For information regarding the documents that you need to upload for your application, please see the  Erasmus+ checklist.
Here you can access the download portal for "Erasmus+ forms".


The selection is made by the International Office in consultation with the departmental coordinators.

The International Office informs the students about the selection outcome. The students then confirm their acceptance of the study place in the workflow.

The International Office nominates the selected students at the respective partner university and, if necessary, forwards important information on accommodation and language courses to the students.

Academic advice and support (preparation of Learning Agreement) still lies in the responsibility of the respective departmental coordinators. 

PRIOR TO the stay abroad – Learning Agreement

Conclusion of the Learning Agreement 

Please note: We generally expect that you earn 20 to 30 credits per semester (5-6 months) in order to be eligible for financial support. For shorter stays, the number of credits can be correspondingly lower. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is ONLY possible to receive Erasmus funding if a corresponding Learning Agreement is concluded (and signed by all required parties) BEFORE the stay abroad. If this is impossible due to reasons that are beyond the student’s control, the student must provide corresponding proof for that (e.g. by submitting a relevant e-mail correspondence that explains the matter).

PRIOR TO the stay abroad – language test

Required online language test (OLS test) in the primary study or working language of the planned stay abroad (currently applies to the following study languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Danish, Greek, Portuguese, Swedish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, and Finnish).

Students who need to take this OLS test will be invited by e-mail and will receive the necessary access data. If applicable (depending on the test result), you will subsequently be asked to participate in an online language course. In this case, participation is, of course, free of charge. Since this is a completely new offer from the European Commission, we still lack experience and helpful tips from users. Therefore, we would also be grateful if you report your experiences with this test and course offer by e-mail (outgoing(at)

PRIOR TO the stay abroad – checking your documents

Students whose documents are complete according to the checklist will receive the Grant Agreement as well as the Erasmus Charter.

During the stay abroad

Immediately after arrival at the partner university: Please have your arrival confirmed by the partner university and upload the Arrival Confirmation to Mobility Online – this is the prerequisite for disbursement of the first installment.

Please notify the International Office of all changes (e.g. your contact data, changes to the Learning Agreements, etc.) by e-mail to outgoing(at)

Students are asked to send a notification of changes to the Learning Agreement to the chairpersons of their respective board of examiners. Changes to the Learning Agreement must be agreed upon in writing within 4 weeks of the start of the study abroad program. More information: Academic recognition

An extension of the study stay is possible subject to the approval of both the partner university and the KU. A request for extension should be submitted at the latest four weeks before the end of the originally planned stay:

After completion of the study-abroad program

The following steps must be taken to successfully complete the mobility and for disbursement of the last installment:

  • Compile an experience report for future Erasmus+ students (will be made available in ILIAS).
  • Enter the student report in the European Commission's online mobility tool: You will receive an e-mail invitation with a link.
  • Language test OLS to determine progress in the language of study (you will again receive an e-mail invitation).
  • Have the end date of your study-abroad program confirmed. This confirmation is on the same form as the arrival confirmation. Then upload the confirmation to Mobility Online.
  • Upload the Transcripts of Records to Mobility Online.
  • Submit a request for crediting of the study achievements completed abroad to your degree program. More information: Academic recognition
  • Upload the crediting result to Mobility Online – after that, the second installment will be disbursed. 

Contact person Erasmus+ Eichstätt

Stephany Koujou
Stephany Koujou
Outgoing Students Coordinator
Building Domplatz 8  |  Room: DP8-201 | Campus Eichstätt