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Course III – Intensive German and Literature: Water in Literature

German language course in the morningIntensive German language class (upper intermediate to advanced level); project work
Target groupStudents/professionals with both interest in and experience with German language and culture
Specific program in the afternoon (26 hrs)

German literature class

Language of instruction: German

Optional program in the eveningWorkshops
PrerequisitesGerman B1+/B2
Number of students per classMax. 18
Schedule Download (subject to modifications)

Literature course: Water in Literature

Classroom hours26
Language of instructionGerman
Course content/ methods

Water in Literature

The water’s cultural history can be traced back to the creation myths of mankind, to the beginnings of the occidental philosophy as well as to the greatest epics of literary history. Water is considered as symbol of life as well as death, as liberation as well as threat, as source of wisdom and as symbol of the unconscious.

The different forms and facets of the water’s and the sea’s motives in literature are this course’s topics.

Certification/ credits based onActive and regular participation

Excursion to Ingolstadt

Hours3 hrs
Language of instructionGerman
Course contentDuring the excursion to Ingolstadt, the group will initially be greeted by an official representative of the city at the city hall, where you will find a snack bar. This will be followed by a tour of the city, after which there will be some time for an individual stroll through town.