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You can take part in up to two workshops of your choice from the varied range that we offer.

You don’t need to speak German very well – everyone is welcome to join in! In the relaxed atmosphere of our workshops you have the opportunity use your creativity and enjoy your chosen activity under the guidance of our course leaders. 



We offer the following workshops:

Bavarian dance (2 x 90 min.)

Join us on the dance floor as we learn the traditional Bavarian dance in this fun and active course. 

Pronunciation (2 x 90 min.)

A lively, interactive course suitable for all students wishing to improve their pronunciation. There will also be plenty of tips for further practice outside the lessons.

Bavarian beer culture (2 x 90 min.)
including a visit to the local Hofmühl brewery.

In this workshop you’ll find out about Bavaria’s centuries-old brewing tradition and have the chance to taste Eichstätt’s local beer.  

German for soccer players (2 x 90 min.)

Broaden your soccer vocabulary so you can impress your German friends with your new knowledge next time you meet for lunch.

Scenic Play (2 x 90 min.) 

Take some time out in this workshop where you can slip into a new role for a while and get to know yourself and your fellow actors better at the same time.

German Songs (2 x 90 min.)

Wether New German Wave, Krautrock, indie rock, German Pop or Rap – join us to a trip throughout the world of German songs of the last decades.

Community music – singing and making music (2 x 90 min.) 

Recharge your batteries in our music and singing workshop and get to know Germany’s musical side. 

Photos by Colourbox