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Department of Education Innovation and Knowledge Transfer

Many university members are committed to furthering the exchange of knowledge between science, politics, the industry and civil society. The KU Department of Education Innovation and Knowledge Transfer coordinates all these initiatives and activities and provides support when it comes to their implementation and increasing their visibility.

Our team is working together with all interested parties in order to fulfill the KU’s Third Mission. We primarily focus on the topics of knowledge transfer, thus the mutual exchange of ideas with society as well as innovative educational concepts and social responsibility.

The office spaces of the department are located in the Eichstätt Spitalstadt (Am Anger 18) and are designed as an open meeting point for all university members and citizens of Eichstätt. The office is used as seminar room, room for encounter and functions as a display window for science and academia.

We offer the following services:

Advice and continuing education

  • We support student initiatives

  • We advise university members on the topic of engagement

  • We advise students on business formation

  • We offer continuing education in line with the Third Mission (in particular on topics such as sustainability and digitalization)



  • We connect and support existing Third Mission projects at the KU

  • We create a space of encounter for science, politics, the industry and civil society

  • We develop regional, nationwide and international collaborations and partnerships


Innovative education

  • We support teachers and lecturers in developing and implementing innovative teaching and learning formats

  • We support and initiate service learning projects (learning by involvement) at schools, universities and in continuing education offers


  • We develop and test innovative formats of scientific communication

  • We organize public events and participation formats for non-university target groups

  • We evaluate and keep records of the effects caused by Third Mission activities