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KU University Teaching Methodology - a topic for both university and Fachhochschule

In order to provide all lecturers with the opportunity for further didactic training, all KU teaching staff are invited to take advantage of the university’s own training program free of charge. All teaching methodology training offers have the aim of promoting participants’ didactic teaching and advisory skills. The training focuses on different topics and formats depending on the respective target groups. Furthermore, the program uses available means from within the University and is supplemented by a series of collaborations with various other central institutions and facilities at the KU. As a rule, these collaboration events are part of the regular course offer and are listed in the program separately.
(Program: KU seminars)

In addition,

  • the KU participates in the Bavarian activities network for professional development programs in didactics for university teachers since early 2004. The KU started by participating in the “Profilehre” program – meanwhile it is an associated partner in the ProfiLehrePlus program. (Program: PLP seminars)
  • the KU has concluded an agreement with the Ingolstadt educational center for universities of applied sciences (Didaktikzentrum (DIZ) der Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften) which allows members of both KU Fachhochschule faculties to participate in courses offered by the DIZ. (Program: DIZ seminars)

The entire offer of this network focuses on skills and thematic fields that are directly connected to the teaching and learning practice of higher education lecturers. If a sufficient number of events is attended, the certificate “Zertifikat Hochschullehre Bayern” can be obtained. Based on and in accordance with international standards, this certificate serves as formal evidence for skills in the field of university didactics and is thus regarded as acknowledged proof of individual education and teaching methodology skills.