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Basic Information for Professorship

This subject area can be studied by:

- an Education student studying “Teaching German as a Foreign Language” [Program Completion: 1. The State Education Exam for either Grundschule (Primary School) or Hauptschule (Secondary School); the State Education Exam for the Realschule (Intermediate School) and Gymnasium (High School) is a subsequent enhancement.]

A Master student (Program Completion: Master of Arts) Students in this field have completed programs in modern philosophy, social studies, and cultural studies or pedagogical and educational studies. Also, Education students for Primary, Secondary, Technical, Intermediate, and High Schools that are interested in international contact, professional activities overseas, and language and cultural work both domestically and abroad.

The Master in German as a Foreign Language is intended for both German and international students.

It can only be studied as part of the 'Flexible' Masters Program.
Additional information can be found here.

Admission to the program is only possible (with the exception of those successively continuing their studies) for the winter semester.