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Surendra Ranpal, M.Sc.

Surendra Ranpal – Research associate

Physical Geography/Landscape Ecology and Sustainable Ecosystem Development

Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Ostenstraße 18

85072 Eichstätt, Germany

Room: O14-001

Phone: +49 8421 93–23190



Current research project




Since 04/2019 Research associate at the Professorship of Physical Geography / Landscape Ecology  and Sustainable Ecosystem Development at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

10/2015 - 12/2017 Master program "Landscape Ecology and Nature Conservation" at Greifswald University, Germany. Master's thesis: "Genetic Identification of the source of the North American population of Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the invasive fungus causing White-Nose Disease in Bats"

04/2013 – 06/2015 Program Associate, WWF Nepal and ensure conservation project in Terai Arc Landscape, Nepal

07/2011 - 04/2013 Field/District Coordinator at Rupantaran Nepal (a national NGO) and worked in the sector of climate change, community adaptation, natural resources management, payment for ecosystem services (PES).  

05/2010 - 02/2011 Forest based Entrepreneurship Development Officer at National Entrepreneurship Development Center, Nepal  

12/2009 - 04/2010 Data Specialist at United States Institute of Peace, Kathmandu, Nepal

08/2005 - 12/2009 B.Sc. Forestry, Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Bachelor's thesis: “An Assessment of Status and Antibacterial Properties of Dactylorhiza hatagirea in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal"