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Christianity and Philosophy - Christianisme et Philosophie

Philosophia christiana? The concept of a Christian philosophy, rooted in more than a thousand years of the self-understanding of Christian thought, is undeniable and still remains the content of certain fundamental questions. Belief, demanded of reality, must relate to reason in its entire scope, in addition to rationally grounded reflection on the limits of reason.At these limits stand again the questions of the presuppositions of rationality: nature, person, and transcendence as elements of the conditio humana.
The symposium intends to discuss this interdependence between the reflection of the facticityof philosophical thinking (Jaspers spoke of “philosophical belief”) and the rational reconstruction of the presuppositions of Christian faith.



Jointly organized by:
Lernen für die Deutsche und Europäische Zukunft e.V. and
Stiftung politische und christliche Jugendbildung e.V.

The Catholic University
of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Lernen für die Deutsche
und Europäische Zukunft