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The Master

Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Marion

Prof. Dr. Jean-Luc Marion

Jean-Luc Marion, born 1946, is Professor emeritus for Philosophy at the Sorbonne (Paris IV), Professor at the Institut Catholique de Paris and Professor for the Philosophy of Religion and Theology at the University of Chicago. In 2008 he was distinguished with the Karl Jaspers' Prize and elected a member of the Académie française. Marion is among the most significant contemporary philosophers of France.

Works relevant to the class (selected):

In German translation:

Die Öffnung des Sichtbaren (2005), Das Erotische ein Phänomen (2012), Gegeben sei (being published; here for the first time in the German language).

In English translation:

God without Being (1991), Reduction and Givenness (1998), Being Given (2002), In Excess (2002), Prolegomena to Charity (2002), In the Self’s Place (2012)

Only in French:

Certitudes négatives (2010), Figures de phénoménologie (2012)

During the Class, the German translation of the main work of Jean-Luc Marion's, Étant donné will be introduced. The translator, Prof. Dr. Thomas Alferi, will be present and, together with the composer of the work, make a significant and meaningful access to the text possible. 

By way of introduction to the work, the following text is recommended: Thomas Alferi: Worüber hinaus Größeres nicht „gegeben“ werden kann. Phänomenologie und Offenbarung nach Jean-Luc Marion (2007).