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In cooperation with the Hermann and Marianne-Straniak Stiftung and the Institut Catholique de Paris the Chair continues to contribute to the international discussion concerning the theme of “Gabe und Gemeinwohl / Givenness and the Common Good”. The Chair for Philosophy, together with the KU Eichstätt endowed Chair for Bioethics and the Centre d’ études cartésiennes of the Sorbonne, is currently preparing an international colloquium to be held in Neuburg in November 2019 entitled ‘Mirabilis scientiae fundamenta’ and regarding the philosophical significance of Descartes’ famous three dreams.

The Chair is also currently pursuing a number of opportunities with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, including, and in cooperation with the department of Business Ethics and Social Politics at KU Eichstätt and the department of Christian Social Science at the University of Freiburg, the establishment of an international research group devoted to the exploration of the theme of “Solidarischer Humanismus / Humanistic Solidarity”, and the possibility to continue to develop its existing contribution to the KU Eichstätt interdisciplinary and international research training group “Philosophie des Ortes / The Philosophy of Place” and its investigation of the phenomenon of “Ort und Verortung / Place and Implacement”. 

General Research interests:

  • Metaphysics, contemporary and historical ontology
  • Anthropology, cultural philosophy and intercultural philosophy
  • Ethics: theory and practice

Prof. Dr. Walter Schweidler

  • History of and contemporary approaches to metaphysics
  • Phenomenology and cultural philosophy (issuance of the series "Phänomenologie" by Karl Alber Publishing)
  • General and applied ethics, esp. bioethics
  • Intercultural studies, esp. the philosophical paradigms of East Asia (issuance of the series "West-östliche Denkwege", published by Academia Publishing)