General Psychology II

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Sure or unsure: How is confidence in perceptual decisions generated?

Principal investigators: Prof. Michael Zehetleitner and Dr. Manuel Rausch
Project staff: Sebastian Hellmann,
Project duration: 2019 – 2023
funded by: German Research Foundation

Project description: Human observers are frequently faced with the need to respond to external objects although perception of these objects is incomplete or distorted. In these cases, it is necessary to use the percept of the object to make a decision which of several possible objects is present at the moment. In general terms, these decisions are characterized by three properties: First, humans can make a correct or an incorrect decision which of the objects is present. Second, it may take varying periods of time until a decision is accomplished. Finally, humans may feel a greater or lesser degree of confidence about having made the correct decision about the object. However, the existing mathematical theories of decision-making are not able to provide a satisfactory explanation for accuracy, decision time, and confidence at the same time. The goal of the present project is to provide and test a mathematical theory of choice, confidence, and decision time. For this purpose, we aim to extend the weighed evidence and visibility model, a recently proposed theory of choice and confidence, to include decision time as well.

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