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Bachelor’s degree program in Childhood Education

The KU established this degree program in response to the growing demand for and current discussion of increasingly academic training for professionals who work in childhood education. The aim of this degree program is for graduates to be able to apply academic knowledge and methods, Christian values, and ethical considerations to work independently in the field of education. Students gain fundamental knowledge of the field of childhood education. They learn how to reflect upon, analyze, and improve individual, family, and social development processes, social and political conditions, religious, denominational, and interdenominational considerations, and the organizational and economic design of childhood education measures.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Childhood Education has a duration of 7 semesters and consists of 210 ECTS credits. The fourth and fifth semesters are practical semesters that are completed under the supervision of the University.  

Students receive intensive support right from the start of the program. An orientation course lasting several days is held at the beginning of the program and gives new students an overview of the program content, the University, and life in Eichstätt. Several of the KU’s faculties are involved in the program. The Faculty of Social Work provides fundamental modules in the field of education, which are complemented by courses run by the Faculty of Religious Education and lecturers from other faculties. Together they ensure that students are trained as specialists in childhood education.

Graduates of the program may work in management positions in nurseries and kindergartens, and in educational roles in day-care centers, homes, schools, and boarding schools, as well as in youth work and extracurricular education, special needs education, counselling, and university teaching and research.

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