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Study religious education at the KU

This degree program prepares students for pastoral work in individual parishes, groups of parishes, and interparish contexts. It provides students with knowledge and skills in religious education at kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, and schools for children with special needs. The first three semesters provide students with fundamental knowledge of biblical, systematic, and practical subjects. In the following semesters (4–7) they gain advanced knowledge in specializations of their choosing. The degree program includes practical phases that are completed partly at the University and partly in the students’ home dioceses. This allows students to experience the links between academic theory and practice in schools and parishes to an ever greater extent over the course of their studies. Graduates who go on to pursue careers in the Church may start work in the same location where they completed their internship during the seventh semester. This makes it easier for them to adapt to their new role in the context of the church year. Modules completed during a semester abroad or in other degree programs and internships completed in other countries may also be accredited as part of the program.

Due to the program’s close links to the Bachelor’s degree programs in Social Work and Childhood Education, students have the opportunity to study one of these programs at the same time as the Bachelor’s degree program in Religious Education, enabling them to graduate with two Bachelor’s degrees after 11 to 12 semesters.

Graduates of the Bachelor's degree program in Religious Education are qualified for careers in the Church as parish assistants and religious studies teachers. Those who also complete a degree in social work or childhood education may also work in areas related to these fields.

More information is available in German here.