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Study social work at the KU

The aim of the Bachelor’s degree program in Social Work is to provide students with academic knowledge and methodological skills for a career in social work and social pedagogy. They gain academic insights and practical skills that enable them to describe, analyze, and explain living situations, develop and implement action plans, and reflect upon and justify their professional work on the basis of academic theory. The guiding principle of the entire program is the focus on people, which is what social work is all about. Under consideration of the Catholic character of the University, the program aims to ensure that graduates not only possess excellent professional skills but are also are able to act on the basis of Christian values in their service to others and in their lives in general.

A mix of the traditional topics in social work and innovative specializations is our trademark. Our students receive practical training from a range of lecturers from outside of academia and are taught key theory by our nationally and internationally renowned professors, ensuring that our graduates have excellent job prospects in the social sector and beyond.

The Bachelor’s degree program in Social Work has a duration of seven semesters, including a practical semester that is supervised by the University. In addition to their courses in general areas of social work, students have the opportunity to choose a specialization.

The following specializations are offered:

  • Youth Work/Youth Social Work/Extracurricular Youth Education
  • Caring for People at Risk
  • Health/Old Age/Rehabilitation
  • Intercultural/International Social Work
  • Parenting Advice/Family Counselling

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Arts (BA). 


The Faculty of Social Work trains specialists who will make a contribution to solutions for social problems in society and the Church. These specialists work in a variety of roles, for example:

  • as social workers in youth centers, welfare institutions, and healthcare facilities
  • as socio-educational family support workers
  • as hospital social workers
  • as addiction counsellors
  • as school social workers
  • as counsellors and consultants in parenting, youth, family, old age, and disability support
  • as consultants in youth and adult education
  • as company social workers
  • as juvenile court assistants and probation officers

More information is available in German on the Social Work website.