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Study music at the KU

The KU is currently the only university in Germany that offers a Bachelor’s degree program in Applied Musicology and Music Education. The combination of these two areas of study and the applied approach make it unique.

The program’s applied nature means that students have the opportunity to practice using the skills that they have learned in practical projects where they create their own arrangements, organize concerts, carry out music education projects, or create podcasts, for example.

In addition, students gain valuable work experience through a short internship and through a practical semester in the fifth semester of study. The combination of musicology and music education is beneficial in many areas, such as in the context of the educational music programs that many concert halls and opera houses are now running. Students learn how to present their knowledge in a way that is appropriate for the target audience and increase their awareness of the similarity between the two disciplines by studying basic research in both fields.

Students of the degree program in Applied Musicology and Music Education:

  • study each of the sub-disciplines of musicology (historical musicology, systematic musicology, and ethnomusicology), as well as music theory
  • are introduced to theories and methods in music education
  • are actively involved in making music throughout their studies
  • receive a gradual introduction to professional practice through introductory courses, short internships, practical projects, and a practical semester
  • take additional courses in neighboring disciplines

The degree program is aimed at applicants with an interest in working with music who would like to study academic theory, strengthen their musical abilities, and develop their practical skills. It is particularly suitable for students who have already studied music at school and in their free time, play one or more instruments well, and are passionate about making music.

The program offers these applicants the opportunity to continue to develop their musical abilities and to gain practical skills for a career in music on the basis of an academic education.

Graduates may work in fields such as radio and television, in print media, at concert halls and opera houses, in general or music publishing, in the recording industry, in public culture work, at adult education centers, or at universities.

Why study music at the KU? We offer:

  • an excellent academic education
  • a wide range of opportunities for musicians of all styles to experience and make music
  • research-oriented teaching, for example as part of student research projects
  • a music computer lab with Macintosh workstations with MIDI keyboards, music software, and recording and video equipment

More information is available in German on the Applied Musicology and Music Education website.