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Study business administration at the KU

Challenging and rewarding

Business Administration is an intense degree program that offers excellent study conditions. At the start of the program, which is run by the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI), students learn the basics of a wide range of areas in business administration. They can then choose between nine different specializations, allowing them to decide which area they wish to focus on at an early stage in their studies. The degree program prepares students to progress to a Master’s degree program or to start a career in a wide range of industries. A lecturer-to-student ratio of 1:11 ensures excellent study conditions and is one of the reasons that WFI is ranked among the top business schools in Germany.

I want to go abroad…

WFI has partnerships with many renowned universities. Students are able to spend a semester abroad at one of over 90 universities on all five continents. 93% of our Bachelor’s students spend a semester abroad.

And I want to do an internship...

Students at WFI have many opportunities to put what they have learned into practice. Thanks to collaborations with leading companies in a wide range of industries, we are able to offer our students excellent prospects when it comes to finding internships and starting a career in Germany or beyond. Networking opportunities are provided by our careers fairs Company Day and WFI Talent Messe, as well as presentations by companies and various workshops.

What about outside of lectures?

At WFI, students do more than ‘just’ study. Many of them are involved in student organizations, which helps them to develop their soft skills. Some of these organizations focus on connecting theory and practice. They organize workshops and presentations in collaboration with companies or help students find internships abroad. Other students act as tutors, helping their fellow students with their studying and revision, or are involved in developing marketing concepts for WFI or supporting international students. Sports clubs, social initiatives, and artistic groups are also on offer. There is something for everyone!

By getting involved in these voluntary initiatives, students gain valuable experience of taking on responsibility, solving conflicts, and working in a team.

And what can I do after I graduate?

A degree in business administration opens up a wide range of opportunities – too many to list them all here. Graduates typically work in areas such as marketing, auditing, consulting, and investment. However, they may also take on roles in family-run companies or establish their own start-ups.

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