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Study education at the KU

This degree program focuses on theory and practice in the field of education. It provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, and offers an introduction to the academic discipline of education and the associated methods.

Theory and practice are connected in a practical phase, which students prepare for and later discuss under supervision at the University. This combination of theory and practice is achieved through collaboration with partners in the field of education and an internship that students complete during a practical semester.

In this way, the Bachelor’s degree program in Education prepares students to deal with a wide range of professional situations.

With possible specializations in Social Pedagogy and Senior Citizens’ Education, the program aims to equip students with skills for supporting children, young people, adults, and senior citizens as they deal with personal and social challenges.

A unique aspect of the program is that students also learn about ethical aspects of education, politics, and society. Educational ethics and educational anthropology are therefore key parts of the program, and students also explore value-related issues and reflect upon the responsibilities and purpose of educational work and the values upon which it is based.

These elements are complemented by elective courses in subjects such as philosophy and theology. In addition, students benefit from the clear program structure, individual advice, and intensive personal support.

Alongside specializations in Social Pedagogy and Senior Citizens’ Education, sociology and psychology are also offered as minor subjects.

Graduates may work in a wide range of different areas, such as in pre-school education and youth work, parenting advice and life coaching, marriage and family counselling, disability support, work with migrants, work with senior citizens and in retirement homes, teaching and research, and public administration.

More information is available in German on the Education website.