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The Bachelor’s degree program in European Studies at the KU

The Bachelor’s degree program in European Studies: Language, Literature, and Culture provides students with fundamental knowledge of cultural similarities and differences in Europe, the way European cultures see themselves and are seen by others, and the links between European and non-European cultures. It focuses on European encounters and experiences, cultural contact, and cultural conflict as opportunities for intercultural learning. It also teaches students skills for dealing with language and texts, with a particular focus on literary texts.

Program content:

  • Basics of cultural studies (European cultural history, self-perception and the perception of others in European cultures and literatures)
  • Literary studies and linguistics in two languages of students’ choice (German, English, French, Spanish, or Italian)
  • Art history (history of visual media and the arts)
  • Two further foreign languages (such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, or Russian)
  • Elective subject (business administration, economics, history, Central and Eastern European history, journalism, geography, adult education, or European ethnology)
  • Semester abroad
  • Core skills

Students are able to choose their own specializations and develop their own individual profiles through their choice of introductory and advanced modules in different philological disciplines and by studying two foreign languages, one of which can be started from scratch. Core skills courses and a compulsory internship are also part of the program and ensure that students gain independent learning and mediation skills, helping to prepare them for their future careers.

Career prospects


Graduates of the European Studies program are particularly suitable for careers in:

  • Media
  • Press
  • Public relations
  • Areas where broad knowledge of cultural history, high-level foreign language skills, and strong mediation skills are required

More information is available here.