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Study Catholic theology at the KU

Students of theology investigate questions regarding the reality of God and his revelation in Jesus. They reflect upon God’s relationship with human beings and their response, faith and lack of faith, and the Church. Due to the broad and open nature of these questions, a combination of methods from different academic disciplines is required. Accordingly, students learn how to approach the fundamental questions in philosophy, gain knowledge of the historical foundations of biblical and historical theology, and acquire skills in systematic and practical reflection. The program is divided into a range of sub-disciplines in which students gain specialist knowledge and learn methods that are required for theological work. Students learn how to represent the Catholic faith in religious and theological discussions in church and in society on the basis of solid arguments. The interdisciplinary nature of the program encourages them to think beyond the boundaries of individual subjects and enables them to view concrete and abstract topics from a range of different perspectives.

At the KU, Catholic theology can be studied as part of several degree programs and in combination with various other subjects:

In the interdisciplinary Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program, theology can be combined flexibly with other subjects and topics. The Faculty of Theology offers theology as a main subject in the interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program, in which students also take a range of complementary modules. Students who choose a different subject as their main subject may take theology as a minor subject. In addition, the faculty offers a variety of modules on the topic of theology and journalism. Students can also take part in excursions to locations such as Rome or the Holy Land.


The KU offers excellent study conditions. Located in the picturesque Altmühltal valley, the University is characterized by a welcoming atmosphere and an excellent staff-to-student ratio. Lecturers know their students and are therefore able to provide them with individual support. The quality of the teaching is reflected in excellent results in higher education rankings. Courses are held in small groups and students benefit from the advantages of the KU’s compact campus. Lecture theaters, libraries, and the canteen are all just a short walk away from one another. Theology has been taught in Eichstätt for 450 years. Accordingly, the University Library possesses a large amount of source material in addition to current literature. Students who intend to enter professions within the Church can get involved in the mentoring service run by the Catholic Student Community. The KU has been certified as a family-friendly university and has its own kindergarten for students’ children.                 

More information is available from the Faculty of Theology.