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Study English at the KU

English and American studies at the KU includes:

    • English and American literature from its beginnings to the present day
    • the methodology of teaching the English language and English literature
    • the main historical, cultural, social, and economic aspects of the United Kingdom, the USA, and other English-speaking countries
    • spoken and written use of the English language

      English linguistics

      Research and teaching in English linguistics at the KU cover all areas of the discipline from a diachronic and synchronic perspective – the development of the English language from the time of the Anglo-Saxons to the present day; linguistic analysis of contemporary British, American, and postcolonial varieties of English; and the study of English as a lingua franca.

      English literary studies

      English literary studies focuses on the literature and culture of the British Isles from the early modern period to the 21st century.

      American studies

      American studies is an interdisciplinary field that aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of North American literatures and cultures from the colonial period to the present day. While the main focus is on race and diaspora studies, many different types of literature in the USA and Canada are considered from multiethnic, postcolonial, regional/transatlantic, and comparative perspectives. Critical reflection on the internationalization of American studies that has taken place recently is also an important element of the subject. In addition, our teaching and research considers the diverse relationships between different forms of media, such as photography, film, television, radio, music, performing arts, and architecture. In order to examine the diverse textual, visual, acoustic, material, and performative characteristics and interpretations of American experiences, American studies uses methods from areas ranging from literary and cultural studies to media theory and media history or spatial theory.


      In English didactics, students of teaching degree programs receive intensive, reflective, theoretical, and practical training, as well as support during their placements at schools.

      Career prospects: publishing, public relations, advertising, university teaching and research, adult education, work for charitable foundations and organizations, etc.

      Information on the degree program structure, including contact details for the subject advisors, is available in German on the English and American Studies website.