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Study German at the KU

German studies is the study of the German language and German literature. The various sub-areas have become disciplines in their own right in today’s research and teaching. The study of modern German literature covers the period from the Reformation to the present day, while the study of early German literature (also known as Medieval studies) focuses on German texts from the Middle Ages from the eighth century to the early modern period.

Students gain knowledge of the history of literature and learn how to work independently with literary texts, and also study elements of literary theory, cultural studies and media studies.

German linguistics looks at the development of the German language from its beginnings to the present day, as well as the current form of the German language and the usage of different varieties.

At the KU, each of these disciplines holds many courses in small groups, ensuring that students receive individual support. There are many other advantages to studying in Eichstätt that are reflected in the KU’s excellent results in higher education rankings – the University boasts a well-stocked library and excellent IT services, it has a compact campus with many modern, architecturally interesting buildings, and the bustling city of Munich is not far away.

Graduates may work in a wide range of areas. However, as the possible career paths are so diverse and there is often strong competition on the job market, we recommend that students research the possibilities, try to make contacts, and start acquiring additional skills at an early stage in their studies.  

Further information is available in German on the Germanistik's website