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The minor subject Business and Economics

The minor subject Business and Economics in the Flexible Bachelor’s degree program at the KU provides students with a fundamental general management training worth 30 ECTS credits.

The curriculum in the minor subject covers the fields of business administration, economics and law and aims to provide students with a fundamental education in the fields and to impart in-depth content-related, methodological and theoretical skills.

During the course of study, students acquire basic knowledge of business administration and economics. Students gain an insight into the diversity and complexity of the field of economics and are able to put it in relation to topics of the other subjects. In addition, they learn about the most important theories and concepts in the field of business and economics and acquire a fundamental understanding of the discipline so that they can draw on such knowledge in their future professional lives and further postgraduate studies. In this context, the minor must always be considered in combination with the respectively chosen major. This interconnection creates specific career prospects taking into account the respective major and the sector of business administration and management. Especially in modules focusing on economics, students will gain fundamental insight into and an understanding for relevant mechanisms in economics. This allows them to critically examine economic and social systems and contributes to shaping their personalities and enhancing their social understanding.