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Study mathematics at the KU

Studying mathematics is a fascinating challenge with excellent career prospects. Motivated mathematicians are in high demand in business and industry. They are particularly valued for their skills in abstract thinking. The KU’s Mathematics program is characterized by a friendly atmosphere, an excellent staff-to-student ratio, small tutorial groups, and good communication between students, professors, and staff. We offer our students individual advice in our regular mathematics drop-in sessions. We are proud to have a balanced number of male and female students.

How is the Bachelor’s degree program structured?

The Bachelor’s degree program in Mathematics is a three-year program that qualifies graduates to start a career or pursue a Master’s degree program at the KU or at another European university. Over the course of the program, students gain fundamental knowledge in all of the main areas of mathematics. As is the case at most universities in Germany, the first three semesters are devoted to introductory lectures on analysis and linear algebra. During the remainder of the program students can choose to specialize in a variety of different areas, such as numerical analysis, algebra, or optimization. Students are given exercises to complete for each course, which are checked by the lecturers. In addition to being a fun challenge, this enables them to internalize the content of the lecture better on the basis of the examples. Alongside their studies in mathematics, students also have the opportunity to choose an additional minor subject (e.g. mathematical economics or geography). This ensures that they are prepared well for practical challenges in their future careers.

What is campus life like at the KU?

All mathematics courses are held on the Eichstätt campus. Here there are plenty of places where students can meet to work on their exercises together – whether it is in one of the comfortable seating areas or in the cafeteria. The professors are happy to answer any questions, and students can also come along to our mathematics drop-in sessions for help. The atmosphere on campus is very lively and interesting, as the University is always bustling with students from all different subjects. There are two large sports fields next to the campus where students can take time out from their studies to enjoy a wide range of different athletic activities. Last but not least, there are many social activities that provide students of all subjects with opportunities to meet and get to know one another outside of lecturers.

What can I do after I graduate?

A Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the KU opens up many different possibilities. Mathematicians often work in banking, insurance, consulting, and software development, but these are just a few of the fields where graduates may find career opportunities – the possibilities are endless. In addition, students may of course choose to pursue further study in a Master’s degree program in Germany or abroad.

More information on the Bachelor’s degree program in Mathematics, including contact details for the subject advisors, is available in German on the Mathematics website.