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Study politics and society at the KU

The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree program in Politics and Society is aimed at applicants with an interest in political science and sociology. It combines the study of international, national, and regional dimensions of politics from the perspective of political science with a sociological view of social structures, players, and problems.

Key features of the degree program are:

  • its interdisciplinary nature
  • its international outlook
  • the way it considers the ethical dimension of research and teaching
  • its practical focus
  • the thorough methodological training that students receive
  • intensive student support

Under consideration of the Catholic character of the University, the program aims to familiarize students with ethical aspects of politics, society, and research. These include, for example, the ethical dimensions of professional practice, responsible handling of sociological data, and an academically sound approach to choosing research topics. With this is mind, students are required to choose additional courses from a range offered on various general and practical topics, such as research ethics, data protection, and Christian social teaching.

The applied approach helps to ensure that graduates of the Bachelor’s degree program in Politics and Society are able to adapt to working life quickly. Students develop their professional skills through various practical activities, such as a compulsory 6-week internship, field trips, and rhetoric courses. They may also gain experiences that will be useful in their future careers by taking part in research projects.

After studying the basics of political science and sociology in the initial phase of the program, students choose one of the following three specializations starting in the third semester: The World and Europe, Politics and Communication, or Society and Social Processes.

An international perspective is ensured through a semester abroad in the fifth semester, which is compulsory for all students who have decided to pursue the international variant of the program. Alternatively, students may choose to focus on research methods instead, in which case they do not spend a semester abroad.

The excellent study environment at the KU ensures that students are able to learn a great deal of relevant content within the relatively short time frame of a Bachelor’s degree program. The University is able to provide intensive support for students through a good staff-to-student ratio, which in turn enables courses to be held in small groups. We offer all students of the degree program the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities. The ideal study conditions at the KU are complemented by excellent IT facilities and a well-stocked library.

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