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The Master’s degree program in European Studies at the KU

This four-semester interdisciplinary Master’s degree program provides students with in-depth knowledge of cultural similarities and differences in Europe, the requirements for the development of closer ties between the different peoples of Europe, and the links between European and non-European cultures. It focuses on cultural contact and cultural conflict as areas that hold great potential for intercultural learning through advanced study of Western European cultures.

Prospective students should have a strong interest in linguistics, literary studies, and cultural studies, and a desire to deepen their knowledge of these areas through increasingly independent academic research. In addition, applicants should be particularly interested in improving and expanding their foreign language skills.

The research-oriented Master’s degree program provides students with:

  • in-depth knowledge of cultural periods in European history and the relationship between European and non-European cultures
  • an in-depth understanding of topics related to Europe in one of the following areas: literary studies (English and American studies, German studies, Romance studies), linguistics (English and American studies, German studies, Romance studies), art history, history, political science, or European ethnology
  • foreign language skills (students study two foreign languages) and intercultural skills (compulsory semester abroad)
  • academic and social project management skills and the ability to apply what they have learned in areas outside of academia (academic project)

Career prospects

Graduates are suitable for careers in:

  • Media
  • Press
  • Public relations
  • Areas where broad knowledge of cultural history, high-level foreign language skills, and strong mediation skills are required

Students are able to develop their own unique profiles by selecting a specialization and choosing which foreign languages they wish to focus on. We place great importance on providing links to future career prospects and therefore maintain a network of contacts with people from industry, politics, and culture, and stay in touch with graduates who are now pursuing careers through our alumni association.

Admission requirements


Applicants for the Master’s degree program must have a first university degree in languages, linguistics, literary studies, or history with a final grade equivalent to ‘good’ (2.5) in the German grading system, and previous knowledge of one of the available specializations, demonstrated by at least 15 ECTS credits in that area. Proficiency in two foreign languages is also required. International students must have knowledge of German and English that is sufficient for study.

More information is available here.