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Study classical philology at the KU

Students of classical philology at the KU study:

  • Ancient Greek and Roman literature
  • Latin linguistics
  • The key historical, cultural, and social aspects of Ancient Greece and Rome
  • The history of classical tradition in European cultures

Latin literary studies

Classical philology is the study of Ancient Greek and Roman texts from the beginnings of Western literature to works from Late Antiquity. The KU’s teaching and research in classical philology covers all areas of the discipline and focuses on the Classical Latin period (from the time of the late Roman Republic to the early Roman Empire) and Late Antiquity. Students are taught methods and approaches from both literary and cultural studies. In addition, connections are made to other disciplines of classical studies (ancient history and classical archaeology).

Research priorities

  • Augustan poetry
  • Roman philosophy
  • Literature of the late Roman Empire
  • Latin literature from Late Antiquity and later periods in history, in particular in humanism and in the Renaissance
  • The reception of Antiquity

Latin linguistics

During their study of Latin linguistics, KU students learn about the developments of the Latin language from when it first emerged to Late Antiquity, with a focus on the Classical Latin period. In addition to linguistic analysis, great importance is placed on students being able to actively use the language.

Research priorities

  • Latin syntax
  • Historical linguistics

Career prospects: university teaching and research, publishing, journalism, librarianship and the book trade, adult education, museums, foundations and charitable organizations, etc.

Information on the degree program structure and contact details for the subject advisors are available on the Classical Philology website.

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