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Study German as a second language at the KU

Students may study German as a second language as part of the flexible interdisciplinary Master’s degree program. The main aim of the subject is to teach students the basics of dealing with the German language as a second language and the German culture as a foreign culture on the basis of academic theory and reflection, as well as the basics of comparative linguistics and cultural studies, and to provide them with the skills required for careers in relevant areas.

The program is aimed at graduates of degree programs in modern languages, social sciences, cultural studies, or education, and graduates of teaching degree programs with an interested in making international contacts, working in a foreign country, and working with languages and culture either in Germany or abroad. It is aimed at both German and international students.

Graduates of this program are particularly suitable for careers in the following areas:

Teaching the German language and culture to young people and adults whose native language is not German, both in Germany and abroad; in particular for international graduates: teaching German as a second language at schools, language schools, and universities in their home countries; working for the Goethe-Institut in the fields of language, educational exchange, and culture in Germany or abroad; the field of international collaboration in the private sector; tourism; publishing or media, in particular with a focus on language and culture; positions at public authorities, in particular cultural authorities; careers as lecturers for German language and culture at universities outside of Germany; research and university teaching (after completing a doctoral degree).