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Study French, Spanish or Italian at the KU

Are you passionate about French, Italian, or Spanish? Do you read a lot and enjoy reading? Are you interested in the literature, culture, and history of the countries where these languages are spoken and do you want to expand your knowledge of these areas? Would you like to discover how these languages function in oral and written communication, how their structure works, and how they have changed over the course of history? Can you imagine yourself teaching this knowledge to others in schools? Romance studies at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt is aimed at students who can answer yes to these questions and want to learn how to study these areas using academic methods.

In Romance literary studies, you will become familiar with the literature from the relevant countries from the Middle Ages to the present day. You will discover how to read even texts that seem inaccessible at first, as well as how to read seemingly simple texts from a new perspective. For many people, reading is purely a leisure activity. However, in Romance literary studies you will discover that enjoyment can also be found in analyzing and interpreting literary works in order to gain new knowledge and to identify and understand new connections. To do this you will draw on methods from a range of other disciplines such as history, art and cultural studies, philosophy, and, in particular, linguistics. Romance literature is one of the oldest, most thriving, and most diverse bodies of literature in Europe.

The study of Romance linguistics focuses on analysis of the phonological structure, grammar, and lexicon of historical and contemporary varieties of Romance languages. Beyond the descriptive level, linguistics covers questions such as: What is the difference between a dialect and a language? Why and how do languages change? How does language acquisition work? Studying Romance linguistics allows you to compare various national, cultural, and world languages. In addition, it provides a rare opportunity to trace them back to a shared parent language (Latin) whose structure is known as its written culture was preserved – a considerable advantage when it comes to creating a detailed reconstruction of how the Romance languages developed.

The KU offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and teaching degree programs in areas of Romance studies. In addition to their language courses, students of the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs may choose to specialize in linguistics or literary studies. In addition, the KU is one of only a small number of universities in Germany that offers an interdisciplinary degree program in Latin American Studies.

In addition to academic teaching and research, Romance studies graduates may pursue careers in a wide range of other areas, such as media and journalism, publishing, public relations, and the cultural sector. Graduates of Romance studies, like many humanities graduates, are not limited to careers in a particular area. For this reason, it is important to start thinking about the direction you want to take in your future career and gaining relevant experience during your studies.

More information is available in German on the Romance studies website.