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The Master’s degree program in Psychology at the KU

The Master’s degree program in Psychology builds on the Bachelor’s degree program in the same subject and provides students with more advanced knowledge of content and methods. It equips them with the skills they need to work in professions related to psychology and also qualifies them to pursue academic research.

It has an applied approach and covers all areas of psychology. Students gain knowledge and key methodological skills that are required for the main areas in which psychology is applied, and also study selected research topics. This flexible degree program allows students to combine psychology with other subjects offered by the KU in an interdisciplinary manner.

Students also benefit from the excellent links between the Psychology department and clinical facilities, as well as renowned companies in the region and major employers in the social sector. This ensures that graduates of the KU’s Master’s degree program in Psychology have excellent career prospects.

The program has a standard length of four semesters and leads to a Master of Science. It includes both compulsory and elective modules. In the compulsory modules students develop skills in diagnosis, assessment, and statistics, as well as planning experiments and analyzing data. They may choose their elective modules from a broad selection that are grouped into three areas, two of which they study in depth:

In the Clinical Psychology specialization students acquire knowledge and skills in diagnosing, treating, and conducting research into psychological disorders.

In the Economics and Work specialization students acquire knowledge and skills in fields such as personnel psychology, organizational psychology, mediation, occupational rehabilitation, ergonomics, and health psychology.

In the Development and Cognition specialization students gain in-depth knowledge of basic research on cognition and neuroscience and the associated methods, and study theoretical and practical topics in applied developmental psychology.

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In addition to psychology electives, students may also choose elective modules from other KU degree programs. Their academic education is complemented by one or more internships lasting a total of 12 weeks. Through their Master’s thesis, which is accompanied by a project seminar, students learn how to design and conduct empirical scientific studies on specific research topics.

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