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The Master’s degree program in Social Work at the KU

A mix of the traditional topics in social work and innovative specializations is our trademark. Our students receive practical training through research projects and are taught key theory by our nationally and internationally renowned professors, ensuring that our graduates have excellent job prospects in the social sector and beyond.

Growing challenges in social work and tight public budgets make it clear that social policy and the social economy need to examine the results and effectiveness of interventional programs more closely. There will be increasing demand for specialists in this area in the future. This Master’s degree program aims to train people to meet this demand. Graduates have excellent career prospects and above-average earning potential.

The program is research-oriented. The focus is on learning, applying, and developing methods for evaluating and measuring the effects of socio-political programs, as well as forms of intervention in social welfare and social work. Students have the opportunity to participate in the faculty’s diverse research projects, allowing them to learn research methods and gain practical research experience.

Graduates of the program can:

  • understand current evaluation and impact research
  • apply research findings to develop and improve social work programs and methods
  • contribute to research in their area of responsibility
  • design and carry out research projects independently
  • participate in the improvement of evaluation methods
  • transfer research findings to socio-political and social work intervention programs
  • pursue doctoral studies in social work or education with an empirical focus

They are suitable for management roles at large institutions and associations, and positions in strategy and product development departments at social service providers, in local and state social security authorities, in social research institutions, in political consulting, and in university teaching and research.

More information is available in German on the Social Work website.