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Study tourism and regional planning at the KU

The interdisciplinary Master’s degree program in Tourism and Regional Planning – Management and Geography is aimed at applicants with a first degree in business, economics, geography, or a related discipline who would like to specialize in tourism and regional planning. In this Master’s degree program, students gain in-depth knowledge and a range of subject-specific and core skills in a highly interesting and complex sociocultural and economic field: tourism.

Tourism is a dynamic aspect of global economies and cultures, especially from the perspective of regional development. In the face of increasingly strong competition for tourists, innovative products, sustainable spatial planning, and flexible concepts are required. Skilled professionals are needed to handle these challenges and the associated opportunities and problems.

This Master’s degree program covers a wide range of areas, from fundamental theories in tourism and regional planning to current economic processes in tourism, equipping students with the skills they needs for their future careers.

The program aims to familiarize students with the latest research findings in the field and teach them how to apply theoretical concepts in practice. Great importance is placed on international exchange in research and teaching, and on close connections between students and lecturers. Topics in economics, business, economic geography, and cultural geography are covered, enabling students to understand economic development processes and their sociocultural effects from a regional perspective.

The second semester is intended as a semester abroad and we strongly recommend that students make use of this opportunity to study at one of our partner universities, currently the University of Oulu (Finland), Poznań University of Economics (Poland), VSO Prague (Czech Republic), Matej Bel University (Banska Bystrica, Slovakia), and the University of Tartu (Estonia). The content of the courses offered by these universities has been discussed with the KU to ensure that they can be accredited as part of the program.


For students who choose not to go abroad, all courses are taught in English in the second semester as they are shared with exchange students from the KU’s partner institutions. The KU has signed agreements with two of its partner universities (Oulu and Matej Bel) that enable students to obtain a double degree.