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The KU… Catholic

The KU is a state-approved university that is supported by a Catholic foundation. It is open to students of all faiths. Christian values form the basis of teaching, research and the university community here. The University respects and promotes the freedom of research and teaching.

State approved and supported by the Church

The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt is supported by a Catholic foundation that was established by the bishops of Bavaria. The foundation is chaired by the Vicar General of Munich and Freising Dr. Dr. Peter Beer. The grand chancellor of the University is Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and Freising and chairman of the Freising Bishops’ Conference. The University is funded by the Bavarian government and the dioceses of Bavaria. As a member of the global Catholic Church, the KU collaborates with Catholic universities all over the world.

Open to students of all faiths

As the KU is a state-approved university, the degrees and qualifications that it awards are equivalent to those issued by state universities in Germany. The KU also has the right to award doctoral degrees and habilitations. It welcomes students of all faiths.

Guided by Christian values and the Christian view of human life

The KU sees itself as an academic community that conveys knowledge and teaches social skills on the basis of Christian values and the Christian view of human life. It respects and promotes the freedom of research and teaching. Open dialogue and critical thinking are key characteristics of the University’s community and of the learning and teaching that take place here. The KU is especially committed to the dialogue between science and religion, and between the Church and the world, which makes it a unique place for research, teaching and learning. Based on these fundamental principles, the University is committed to contributing to development in wider society, to sustainability, to equality of opportunity, and to interdisciplinary and international exchange.