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The KU… interdisciplinary

Collaboration between disciplines and an open approach to dialogue are of great importance at the KU. Research is not the only area that is interdisciplinary – students also benefit from the interdisciplinary nature of the study environment in general, as well as several specific interdisciplinary degree programs.



Considering the whole picture

The KU makes sure it always considers the whole picture. It is conscious of the different conventions of individual disciplines and promotes exchange between them, both in research and in teaching. The Center for Research Promotion was established in April 2016 to assist the development of networks between disciplines. In addition, students have the opportunity to take transferable skills modules and extracurricular Studium Generale modules to complement their subject knowledge.

Forum K’Universale, which students can participate in as part of extracurricular Studium Generale modules, was set up in 2011 and looks at current topics in interdisciplinary discourse. Its aim is to give students opportunities to broaden their knowledge beyond the boundaries of their own subjects, and to encourage them to think independently and critically. There is a particular focus on theology, philosophy and ethics. Different perspectives on the topic for the coming year are presented in a lecture by a top-class speaker each winter semester and expanded upon in seminars in the following summer semester.

Interdisciplinary degree programs

The KU has ensured that after the Bologna reform students are still able to combine different subjects through interdisciplinary Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. This allows them to develop and strengthen their own unique profiles. Students can combine individual subjects from a selection of over 30 to create the degree program of their choice. This leads to individual degree programs that provide students with transferable skills and teach them how to think and act in an interdisciplinary way.

The KU also offers several degree programs with a specific interdisciplinary focus, such as the programs in Journalism, Tourism and Regional Planning, and European Studies.