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The KU… international

The KU is committed to promoting and employing an international perspective. International students contribute to intercultural and international exchange, while the University’s global network provides students with a wide range of study abroad opportunities.



At home in Bavaria and in the world

Spending a semester studying or doing an internship abroad offers students the chance to get to know another country, its culture and its people, enabling them to gain valuable experiences. They are able to develop their initiative and open-mindedness and strengthen their intercultural skills on the basis of Christian values.

KU students are at home in Bavaria and in the world. Whether it is in China, Russia, the USA, Australia or South Africa, the University maintains partnerships with universities all over the globe. In addition to its connections with state universities, the KU is part of a unique international network of Catholic universities. Students currently have access to around 360 exchange opportunities with over 250 partner universities in 57 countries. Thanks to university agreements, in most cases tuition fees are waived at the host universities abroad. This means that studying abroad is an option for all students; in certain degree programs a stay abroad is actually a fixed component.

The KU’s International Office is the main point of contact for all questions regarding stays abroad. It provides advice and support for students who want to go abroad, as well as for incoming students from other countries. The International Internship Service offers students opportunities to gain practical experience in another country to enhance their future career prospects. International degree programs The KU also has several degree programs with a specific international focus. The double degree programs in German and French Political Science, and German and Chinese International Business Administration, and the German- Finish degree program InterculturAd/Intercultural Advertising are binational programs in which students obtain academic qualifications in two countries.

Students from all over the world

There are many opportunities for international and intercultural exchange at the KU. There are almost 500 international students enrolled at the University, including a particularly high number of students from France, Ukraine and China. Each year the University welcomes around 200 visiting students who are supported by KU students in both Eichstätt and Ingolstadt who act as tutors. International visiting lecturers also provide insights into other countries in presentations and seminars.

International summer courses

Once a year, the KU invites students and professionals from all over the world to take part in an international summer course in Eichstätt. During the four-week course they take German language classes and study a range of topics from the field of German studies, as well as the humanities. There is also an extensive leisure program with trips, theater and dance courses, and film evenings. For business students, there is a two-week summer school at the Ingolstadt campus with courses on business, economics and law, as well as visits to companies and talks with experts.