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The KU… socially active

The KU gives students opportunities for personal development that go beyond study and research, and encourages them to become socially active. There are a variety of political, Christian, social and creative groups for students to get involved in at the KU.



Promoting volunteer work

The KU is not just a place of research, teaching and learning; it is also a community. The University sees itself as an important component of society with its own responsibilities and therefore encourages its students to get involved in voluntary projects. Since 2013, students have been able to carry out volunteer work as part of their studies, contributing to the development of their unique profiles. In this way, the University connects with wider society.

A wide range of student groups, working groups and projects offer opportunities for students to get involved in political, Christian, social and creative initiatives. Alongside their studies KU students campaign for human rights, support conservation and represent the interests of their fellow students. They sing in the choir and play in the orchestra, hold debates, run a university radio station, organize an intercultural open air festival and put on plays.

Student groups at the KU

  • tun.starthilfe für Flüchtlinge supports refugees’ right to participate in society. The working group, founded in 2012, supports refugees in the district of Eichstätt through language teaching.
  • Shalom für Gerechtigkeit und Frieden aims to contribute to the maintenance of peace. Since 1982, it has awarded the Shalom Prize to people and projects that campaign for human rights on an annual basis.
  • Respecting the environment is the main focus of Kapuzinergarten Eden. The group plants, tends and harvest its own fruit and vegetables in a shared garden.
  • DenkNachhaltig! at the Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) organizes the annual Dialogue of Sustainability, the largest student sustainability conference in the German-speaking world.

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