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The KU… sustainable

The KU sees sustainable development as a task for research, teaching and campus management. The University aims to be a role model for society and to contribute to changing society’s way of thinking. The KU is the first university in Bavaria to receive the EMAS certificate.




A leader in sustainability

Preserving creation has been one of the KU’s key principles for many years. The University developed its own sustainability concept in 2010. It also became the first Bavarian university to be awarded the EMAS certificate as part of the European Union’s European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme for developing and establishing an environmental management system in 2015. The KU was recognized by UNESCO as an outstanding place of learning for sustainable development in 2016.

In teaching the University has set itself the task of promoting knowledge and skills that enable students to grasp all aspects of sustainability in order to act responsibly. Sustainability is the subject of elective modules and a lecture series on the environment. The KU’s Master’s degree program in Education for Sustainable Development is the only one of its kind in Germany. In recent years, over 80 KU research projects have focused on issues of sustainability. A dozen young researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to the topic in the doctoral program ‘Sustainability in the Environment, Business and Society’.

A sustainable campus

Sustainability is not just taught and researched at the KU; it is also put into practice on campus. The KU has only used electricity produced from renewable sources since the beginning of 2012 and, as of 2016, no longer uses any fossil fuels for its heating. Members of the University are encouraged to sort their rubbish using waste separating systems. Copiers and printers are filled with recycled paper and the cafeterias only sell fair-trade coffee. Thermos cups are sold as an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use cups. The green campus is now home to several bee hives which are cared for by students to produce KU honey.