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Institute for Central and Eastern European Studies

About the institute

The Institute of Central and Eastern European Studies has been founded in 1994 by Nicholas Lobkowicz, President of the Eichstätt university from 1984 to 1996.

The Board of Trustees appointed him first director while he still was president. Besides research and teaching the statutes of the ZIMOS specify as its aims the support of academic institutions and more generally the culture of Central and Eastern European post-Communist countries on their way to democracy and free enterprise.

This aim is realized through conferences, publications, scholarships for students and young scholars from post-Communist countries and specific projects such as e.g. the publication in 8 volumes of a German translation of the writings of the Russian Philosopher Semen L. Frank (1877-1950) who since 1925 lived in France and Germany.

The institute publishes a scholarly journal twice a year and a series of books. Research projects and scientific cooperations focus on the contemporary history and history of ideas of the countries of the former Eastern bloc, particular attention being devoted to the current processes of transformation in business, culture and society as well as analysis of the archive material available since the political changes, which has placed the exploration of the recent history of Central and Eastern Europe on a broad documentary basis.In addition, ZIMOS also arranged until 2010 for German students to receive the "Go East"-scholarships of the Haniel Foundation

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