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Research projects and scientific cooperations focus on the contemporary history and history of ideas of the countries of the former Eastern bloc, particular attention being devoted to the current processes of transformation in business, culture and society as well as analysis of the archive material available since the political changes, which has placed the exploration of the recent history of Central and Eastern Europe on a broad documentary basis


  • German-Language Edition of the Works of the Russian Philosopher Semen L. Frank - Semen L. Frank (1877 - 1950) is one of the most significant, systematic philosophers of Russian intellectual history. Born a Jew, who joined the Russian Orthodox Church in 1912 and studied and taught for several years in Germany as an emigrant, Frank is a central figure acting as mediator between the German and Russian cultures, on the one hand, and between Judaism and Christianity, on the other. A German-language edition of the philosopher’s work is to be published in eight volumes. The team of editors consists of Prof. Dr. Peter Ehlen, University of Philosophy, Munich, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Lobkowicz, Director of ZIMOS, Professor Dr. Leonid Luks, Professor for Central and Eastern European Contemporary History at the University of Eichstätt, and Prof. Dr. Peter Schulz, Chair of Semiotics, University of Lugano (Switzerland). Work started on the edition after the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne, guaranteed the financing of the project in the summer of 1996.
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    The (commented) Russian edition of Summa Theologiae by St. Thomas Aquinas.The Institute for Central and Eastern European Studies is translating the Summa Theologiae into Russian. Except for a few passages, it was never translated into Russian. At the same time, however, there is a strong interest in Aquinas among young Russian intellectuals. As they are aware that Aquinas´ ideas are part of the more important sources of Western thought, many young intellectuals complain they have no access to it. The Italian Foundation Cassamarca devolved for this project € 100tsd. The Director of ZIMOS, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Lobkowicz, choose a very competent translator: Dr. Alexei Appolonov. He is a specialist in Philosophy and Theology and has already translated medieval works.